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Project Type:                International Airport
Client:                           Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
Construction Area:       3,500 sqm

“It was imperative that the airport gives an impressive first and last impression of the region and country.”

In addition to substantial footprint expansions, the new design for Kaduna International Airport allows for the comprehensive renewal and upgrade of the terminal’s Architecture and Interior design.

The project design addressed the over-crowding of the old facility, while providing spare capacity in anticipation of future passenger volume growth. The objective was not only to bring the airport up to international standards, but also to significantly improve service delivery and enhance passenger experience. The design allows for the phased development of the project.

The rich cultural heritage of Kaduna was a direct inspiration for the architectural language of the new terminal building. Borrowing from the rich local traditions of Hausa architecture and fabric designs the scheme has sought to create a design that is both contemporary and timeless in its expression.

The terminal has been designed to allow simple and easily controlled pedestrian and vehicular flows in to and out of the airport. Clear and legible traffic flows assist in the ease of operation for the airport and ensure a safe and secure environment for its passengers.

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