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Our Vision

It starts with the idea.

A spark. A flash of inspiration. 

The quality of our design results from the quality of our thinking.  We focus on design ideas; the seeds of inspiration that lead to the generation of form and content. Ideas can come from anywhere; from the architect, from the client, from an image or from a conversation. They are unpredictable, fleeting moments. We capture these sparks, these flashes of inspiration and bring them to life.

IDEA Vision

IDEA Vision

We think, we play, we seek,

we dream. 

We are pragmatists. We are makers. We are builders. We breathe life into our design projects so that they transition from the abstract into fully realized projects. Through the use of latest workflow technologies and an in depth understanding of cutting edge construction methodologies we generate high quality documentation packages. We work with the highest caliber of industry partners and consultants to form bespoke teams customized to the particular requirements of your project.

It grows, in the mind and in the heart. It evolves and becomes stronger.

We grow the seeds of ideas through discussion, reflection, analysis and play. We become emotionally involved in the life of our ideas. We seek out ways for ideas thrive and floursh within the real-world environment. Through each iteration the idea strengthens in its response to the brief and the budget, the site and the environment.

Think, Create, Inspire.

IDEA believes that architects have a role to play in driving every aspect of building design; from the initial brief and vision to the synthesis of the client requirements, the site constraints and the cultural and environmental context. Our role as architects is to think, create, inspire and generate momentum in a project so that ideas and inspirations can be converted into tangible built form.

We turn ideas into reality.

IDEA delivers the full range of Architectural services covering Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Transportation, Education, Healthcare and Retail. Our highly experienced team leads multidiscipline teams in realizing projects from Concept through to Schematic, Detail Design and Tender stages. All our projects are fully coordinated in Revit/BIM as standard.

Our designs are innovative yet timeless, functional yet beautiful.

Our Architects seek to optimise building form to produce designs that are cost effective, space efficient and environmentally sustainable.  Our designs are innovative yet timeless, functional yet beautiful. They are the built expression of quality thinking and quality ideas.


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IDEA Creations Architectural Design Consultancy

Level 29, Marina Plaza, P.O. Box 112229, Dubai, U.A.E.

T.  +971 (0)55 544 6877



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