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Project Type:                Private Residential Villa 
Client:                           Minister for Excise and Customs
Construction Area:       1,800 sqm        

“We want a contemporary, minimalist style rooted in the organic traditional architecture of our heritage.”

IDEA was appointed to create a contemporary, minimalist style rooted in traditional vernacular housing concepts. The house is seen as an organic collection of functions around a central courtyard. 

The spaces are divided into private and social spheres . The private realm is further divided into bedrooms, bathrooms and storage. Each volume is unique, the result is a house that is tailored to the owner. 

“As a child I remember lying in my family compound for hours just staring at the sky”. 

Light and privacy was paramount. Large volumes of open space with double and tripple height light shafts bathe the occupants with light and provides views to the sky. 

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