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Project Type:                Mixed Use Development
Client:                           Confidential
Construction Area:       30,000 sqm 

“Inspired by Natures Curves and Rhythm”

The luxury ve-star Mixed Use Development includes 100 hotel Service Apartment rooms and suites, a 10,000 sqm Commercial of ce component and over 20,000sqm of retail. The inspiration for the development is the organic forms of the ocean – the soft and graceful forms have been transposed into the forms of the building embuing the build- ings with a sence of calm.

Project Type:                Luxury Retreat
Client:                           Confidential
Construction Area:       70,000 sqm 

“Inspired by nature. The architecture blends the inside with the outside, creating a calm and placid place to rejuvenate the body and the mind.”

Located on a secluded private island with pristine white beaches, this project is a retreat to escape urban life, connect with nature, generate wellness  and take part in social engagement.

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