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Project Type:                 Campus Masterplan
Client:                           Federal Government
Construction Area:       320,000 sqm

“The project aims to support both cultural and environmental sustainability by creating a well-conceived campus for students and staff.”

The Masterplan

The aim of the National Youth Service Corps is to “reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild”. The masterplan has been structured in such a way as to support the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youth of Nigeria and in so doing helps to uphold and reinforce the ideals that led to the original formation of the National Youth Service Corps.

Seeding Sustainability

The project has been designed to support both cultural and environmental sustainability. Our aim is to enable the camp to minimize its environmental footprint. Various methods of retaining rainfall water on site – such as planted roofs, open pavers and soak away drainage systems sustain the natural water table as well as minimize the cost of infrastructural development.

With an aim to be as self-reliant as possible the camp minimizes its use of grid based resources and instead looks at operational practices and the encouragement of a responsible camp culture to curb the use of energy, water and the generation of waste materials.

The Civic Heart

The parade ground at the centre of the masterplan provides an adaptive and multipurpose space for important ceremonies and events held within the camp. The shaded pedestrian street ‘Unity Walk’ provides a comfortable microclimate for camp members.

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