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Project Type:                Prefabricated Airport Terminal System
Client:                           Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
Construction Area:       5,660 sqm

“The new terminal will provide a solid foundation for further economic development and provide a cornerstone for the local community.”

The brief for the Haaj Terminal Design was to provide a terminal facility which is used intensively for a single period of one month in the year with only a low level of activity through-out the rest of the year. As the Hajj period is calculated according to the lunar calendar, the period of the terminal’s use could fall at any time of the year, thus it was prerequisite that the terminal buildings function comfortably through different seasons. The wide deployment of the prototype terminal anywhere from the wet and humid South to the dry and arid North meant that the design needed to cater for multiple climatic influences.

The aim of establishing these newly upgraded Hajj terminals is to generate a significant improvement in providing air transport solutions. Such upgrades are likely to have a significant positive impact on the lives of Muslims through-out Nigeria and will present a major achievement for the Federal Aviation Authority.

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