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Project Type:                Residential Apartments
Client:                           Duke Oil Energy Investments
Construction Area:       12,200 sqm

“The project will set a new bench mark for sustainable building design.”

The building design incorporates a strong element of contiguous landscape that permeates through all levels of the building. A series of stepped garden terraces allows all floors to have direct access to the external landscape which is a major asset of the scheme. The terraced garden levels are interconnected via a series of external stairs that allow pedestrian access to all levels of the building.

The orientation of the buildings minimizes solar gain. The building floor plan has been designed to provide maximum natural light into the space while still providing broad, open plan office spaces. Shading devices further improve the buildings energy performance while still allowing unobstructed views through clear non-tinted glass. All of these factors have contributed to a building that is highly efficient in energy terms.

The building has been designed to achieve the greatest possible levels of space and planning efficiency while still meeting design code requirements and providing quality spaces for the buildings users. The simplicity of the design allows for low cost construction methods. 

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