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Project Type:                 Campus Masterplan
Client:                           Ministry of Education
Construction Area:       430,000 sqm

“The plan generates great value from the land and assists in job creation and ensures economic benefit for all.”

The University masterplan was a unique opportunity to redevelop the infrastructure of an existing town. Adjacent to the University are residential zones, commercial office areas, retail hubs as well as a variety of research centres, utility and transport links.

The combination of related land uses supports a mixed use urban development which offers more than the sum of the parts. By facilitating connectivity between the different districts of the city, the plan generates great value from the land and assists in job creation ensuring economic benefit for all stakeholders.

The master plan was arranged around the series of interconnected community zones. Each of these has been carefully designed to support pedestrian activities and movement within the city. By limiting the size of the zones to 300 meter radii it is possible for inhabitants to walk from one zone to the other without the need of vehicular transport. This has significant positive affect in reducing the required investment in roadways and car parking facilities.

The phasing of the masterplan was a critical consideration in the design development. The initial phase involved the construction of the first wing of the university. In addition, one of two residential areas are to be constructed along with the retail and market district. This initial development will support the early stages of the project and allow greater investment for the latter phases.

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